Newbie Q: Is there a way to transpose a single defined chord across the full keyboard?

Hey All,

I started using scaler, but have 1 use case that I can’t seem to crack:

Let’s say we just want to play 1 specific chord + transpose it (using say 61 midi keys).

Is there a setting that allows for this?



ps. So far I’m using an alternative sequencer (Stepic) that allows me to do this. But would be great if scaler allowed for this as well. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @HalfBakedBeats I think what you are after is our ‘generate parallel harmony’ feature which can take a chord and just transpose it across a keyboard in semitones (which it sounds like what you are after) or thirds, fifths, etc. See this video and try the first profile in that function (semitones):

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Thanks Davide. That helps.

But that only provides me with 8 progressions. My keyboard is wider (61 keys).

Is there a way to keep extending / transposing those chords further?

Or increase/decrease the Octaves with MIDI?


There are 56 spots for chords in Scaler Pad view. That’s the maximum at the moment.

I just tried this starting from C maj and it generated three patterns over two octaves. To extend it further I duplicated the patterns and then transposed the blocks on the EDIT page.

But as @jamieh says

So you will not be able to fill your 61 keys without using a second instance of Scaler for the remaining five chords.