NI Komplete in stand-alone + Scaler question

Hi folks.
Is there a way to set up Scaler in Komplete Kontrol standlone (no DAW!), so it can detect chords/use Scalers on board chords but using NI instruments, instead of internal sounds.

Right now(as it is) Kontrol only allows me to load Scaler as an instrument, but in this scenario I can use only internal sounds of Scaler…

Please help.

Thank you!

Is it possible, or I am out of luck?

You can’t load more than one instrument in KK or a midi effect so the answer is no at this stage. We are developing Scaler 2 as an audio plugin in addition to the midi FX and instrument components so this may well work (although not yet tested). If so, you would simple load Scaler as an audio effect and detect the instrument before it! s it is now you can detect KK’s own chord sets by using Scaler which I find very useful!