NKS Compatibility

This would be a great workflow improvement for Komplete Control keyboard owners!

What do you have in mind when you think of “NKS compabitility”?

I keep thinking that a first good step would be exposing the various in-plugin settings in Scaler via MIDI CCs, which then could be mapped to MIDI controllers like the Komplete keyboards. Once we would have MIDI exposure for the various Scaler settings, the NKS mapping could be done easily by the user.

For example the selection of scales, or Performances/Expressions via MIDI CC, the you could use the knobs on your Komplete keyboard (or any other MIDI controller) to interactively select/change during performance. So the ask for MIDI controllability of Scaler settings would probably more broadly useful, beyond just NI users.

NKS compatibility is on the roadmap. I would love my KK keyboard’s lights to respond to scaler. Will happen but other priorities at the moment.