No detection from audio?

Hello, I am using Scaler 2 in Cubase 12 Artist and somehow I cannot get the “Detect from audio” function to work.

I have an audio track in Cubase but when I turn on the record button and start Cubase playing the song nothing happens.

Please help.

Hi @rockbandguy

What is you Hardware environment (OS, RAM, CPU)?

It is Windows 10. 16 GB RAM. AMD 6350 6 Core 3900 MHz

Hi @rockbandguy

Can you clarify if you are routing the audio in Cubase into the Scaler track?

Also have you tried simply enabling RECord and then dragging the audio file onto Scaler?

How do I route the audio into the Scaler track…
Maybe a stupid question… apologies… but I am just starting out…

Hi rockbandguy! I have found only this way detect Scaler audio. I have audio track and then I add effect ScalerAudio2. I have pasted here picture. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank You!

But now my other question is:
Does Scaler detect the chords only and doesn’t remember how to play them in sync with the source audio?

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You welcome rockbandguy!
Scaler2 only detects chords, no sync timings.