No Sound Coming from Scaler 2

I just downloaded scaler 2 yesterday and I’m trying to get it to work on FL 20. There’s no sound coming from the vst and I’m not sure what to do

Ive been using scaler 2 for a while now, but when I opened it up today, there has been no audio coming from it. Double checked to make sure it was turned on. Routed it to another vst, no change. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no change.

I also noticed when using the typing keyboard, it seems to detect the ASDFGHJ…row of keys as the white notes and qwertyuiop at black notes.

Any one else seen this issue before?

I currently am having this issue and have been unsuccessful trying to fix it. Seems like I’ve tried everything.

Hi @jbrown & @simster001

we have had a few users with this issue, usually a reinstall fixes it. Also try to reboot your computer after reinstalling.

This is the normal behavior which indicates that things are running normally apart from this sound issue… :thinking:

Have you installed any software or system updates after installing Scaler?