No sound Scaler?

For some reason my scaler plugin won’t make any sound. Anyone else have this problem or the answer to it? (Ableton). Thank you

Are you trying to play the internal sounds in Scaler or control an external instrument?

I have the same problem and I can’t find any solutions in forums or FAQs yet. Before and after the update both have no sound. Many plugins work alongside. It’s weird because Scaler 1 and 2 both worked fine then a couple of days ago, Scaler just quit making sound. I look in FAQs and nothing. Most answers are like, “Load it on a track with an instrument” or “make sure midi for the track is enabled.” These answers are NOT the problem. There is something else going on, tis why I am here. Is there a solution yet?

I have the same problem in FL Studio, was working fine, made a beat with it, the next day NO sound.
I use Scaler in almost every beat…So need this fixed.