Non diatonic modal interchange instead of the diatonic only skin

My workaround for non-diatonic modal interchange is to open multiple Scaler instances which can get quite complicated. Especially when more than two non-diatonic scales are applied within one progression. A possibility to change scales within the diatonic modal interchange window would be great. Especially with the possibility to shift the scales semitones up or down to generate passing chords.

With this feature Ableton´s Push or Novation Launchpads would make a lot of sense for people who don´t play keyboards I think. I thought of getting an 8x8 MIDI controller for Scaler but I am still hesitating until I see where the mapping journey of Scaler goes.

Just curious … is this coming from a Jazz (or maybe Cinematic) perspective ? Not many in the EDM / pop world would be modulating to Altered Dominant bb7 or Locrian natural 6th modes in the Harmonic Minor scale …

I ask because it sounds like you are into interesting music …


It is coming from the desire to understand and learn songs for the guitar with the help of Scaler which could be turned into a gamechanger for analyzing songs with such possibilities. Didn´t play for quite a long time and would like to shorten the learning curve with Scaler if possible.

Davide was speaking about guitar coming to Scaler 2.5 in a Beatport video lately. I am coming from times when guitar heroes were popular in commercial music. :smiley:

Yes, and he implied that the person they had been working with would probably be known to to axe fans. [ I was speculating (as they are in Oz) that either Frank Gambale or Tommy Emmanuel would be really something …].

“Didn´t play for quite a long time”
Same here, played in a group (as they were then known) in my teens (early sixties), but then didn’t pick one up till I retired in 2006 and bought a nice Ibanez. I still have my 1964 Hofner Verithin.

Guitar folk (I think) tend to be more focussed on modal structures, and with it licks involving modal interchange, so the developments you mention would indeed be usefull.

“times when guitar heroes were popular in commercial music.”
Sigh… days of my youth… My favourite current every style master of the fretboard is Guthrie Govan, with whom you no doubt familiar.

When I picked it up again, I invested in quite a few DVDs from including (on the current topic of modes) on Danny Gill’s 7 DVD series on each diatonic mode.

Just watched the 2.4.1 video. Wonder how Davide would have played the solo over the borrowed chord if he could have borrowed a non-diatonic scale :wink: