Note and chord info?

In section B it shows info such as Notes 7/9 Chords 3/9

What exactly are these values representing?

Time signature ? Does that figure into scaler? Do I need to set 4/4 timing or adjust?

Hi @Scotts

Section B is the scale explorer and is where Scaler will show you all scales related to what you have played in or are detecting. It will display the most likely scales that match what you have played at the top of this list. So when you see notes 7/9 displayed next to a scale, this tells you that out of the 9 distinct notes that you played or recorded, that given scale shares 7 of those 9 notes - with two of the notes you played not being in that scale.

The same is true for the chords. 3/9 tells you that out of the 9 chords that you have played into Scaler, that given scale only shares 3 diatonic chords out of the 9 you played - with the remaining 6 chords that you played not being diatonic to that scale.

I hope that clarifies things a bit for you.


Thanks, that helps clarify.