Note sustain/Hanging

For some reason my notes sustain/hang longer than the written midi date, through the duration of my session, until I actually stop playback. What is the fix for this?

Hi @bookdjandre

thanks for reporting your issue, an update will be available next week addressing this issue and a few others.

In the meantime, you can use the “MIDI” panic button in the top section of Scaler to unstuck the notes.

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Hello Ed & the good folks at Scaler! Will my product update automatically to correct this hanging note issue? If not where will I find the update version? It’s getting really bad!

The update will show up in your Plugin Boutique account. Ed always makes an announcement when it’s ready.

Hey team,

Unfortunately my notes are still hanging. can I please have a solution. I’ve downloaded the latest versions, but yet still having issues. can the possibly be a screen share to help. I really love this plug in