Notes hang using Blue Cat Patchwork/Also not looping playback

This is new I think in 2.4, if I use it in Blue Cat Patchwork the notes hang after triggering. I use it to drag chords to Rapidcomposer but I’ve switched to Gig Performer because of the hanging notes.
Also the old bug of Scaler not looping playback when closed and when it has no internal sound selected seems to still be there in Ableton Live 11.

System iMac
OS 10.13.6

I had a problem with notes sticking in performance mode, I figured out it was set on audio instead of midi and switching this stopped the notes sticking in performance mode. It was changed when dragging in an audio file it switched it from midi to audio seen on the two taps center top left. Midi is on top audio is under it. switching it from audio to midi etc.

Mine is already set to MIDI and audio is OFF and it still sticks in Performance mode in Patchwork.
I never did that before 2.4.

I just had it happen again in midi mode as well. messed with the latch mode and other settings now it doesn’t cause the keys to stick but not sure what setting I changed stopped it. They need to work on this asap. The only feature I got it for was the performance modes and can’t use them reliably!.

It doesn’t happen for me on my Mac EXCEPT in Patchwork that I was using to have Scaler sort of Stand alone. I switched that out and now use Gig Performer 4 and it doesn’t happen there. I like having it in a non-DAW app when I use Rapidcomposer so I can drag and Drop Progressions to RC.

I haven’t tried the stand alone to see if it occurs but if you find it doesn’t happen on Mac or in one program then I imagine it is a conflict with S1 and other programs. Not a good sign if they can’t fix it.