Notes "not played in tune" in Keys-Lock green keys with any keyboards (piano, organ, etc)

Hi devs

I just noticed that using them to solo guitars the notes are usually fine:
few or zero notes that are not played in tune

If I use a keyboard instead, notably my GSi - VB3-II Hammond, I have many notes that are not played in tune, up the point I always prefer using Ableton scales

I don’t understand why… :thinking:

Hi Claudio,

Are the nites that are out of tune produced by the organ or Scaler?

If they are from Scaler, can you post the saved state here, please? It may help trying to find out what is happening.

Is this the one you have?


I think it has just that.

I wish I had!

I have just the plugin: way smaller footprint, and way cheaper

Yes and not: the notes “not played in tune” come from the organ solo, but it’s the Scaler feature that drives them

If I use an identical Ableton scale instead, I can play much more notes than using Scaler, but I must play better because the changes of chords aren’t automatic: the Ableton scale force me just in the root note (I don’t know if “root note” is correct, anyway :grin:)

As a possible long shot, and re my earlier note about voicings with extended chords from Guthrie Govan’s book, it may well be that dissonance is more apparent with an organ (longer release, more harmonics) than a piano / guitar (shorter release and less harmonics). Just a thought.


I am actually intrigued by the idea of having a MIDI keyboard waterfall/organ style like that. That answers the question if I should get 61 or 49 keys due to space constraints. Would be cool to map the different keyboards to different instruments…

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the more the better I think
the day I’ll have more space, I’ll go to the Davide keyboard
all those blue light blinking in the night are intriguing

I think Davide has an NI KK S88 Mk2 in his studio.
But all of the S series KK keyboards have the lights. It is very practical when playing in the dark :grin:

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I was joking clearly: too much expensive to me
I think I’ll go for the same footprint, but with weighted keys like the Roland A-49

Davide’s keyboard does have weighted keys.

I was also pondering an 88 keyboard with weighted keys, but the S88 is too expensive with too few features, compared to a Keylab 88 Mk2

the D-Beam of the Roland is innovative and enticing to me, together with the Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever actionable with one hand only, notably to play the guitar plugins

This one?

Looks cool, somehow reminds me of Herbie Hancock, looks like something he would play with :smiley:

nono, it’s another stuff, useful as a switch

about the Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever I see is different from what I thought!
I believed there were 2 wheels very close to each others, so actionable with one hand only

I see it’s a vertical lever instead, so I don’t understand how the player can activate both Pitch Bend and Modulation separately

Explaining it better: both can be used together but at the same levels, not 2 independent levels as a “2 close wheels” can allow for :thinking:

This was the standard mod/pitch lever for various Roland synths, and it works in X-Y directions (see annotation in the picture); think of it as positioning the value at any point in the area of a circle. You can thus set both simultaneously.
Roland made good use of this with their guitar patches (particularly the JD800 ‘Wailing guitar’ patch, which used the pitch direction to simulate the trem, and the mod direction to change the patch sound and squeal.) This was certainly easier trying to move two wheels with one hand.

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Here’s an audio and video snip … guitar starts at 0:11

I think it would be hard to do this with two separate wheels / levers with one hand.

[I was going to sell this synth, but then I remembered @davide selling his Jupiter 8 for AUD 50 (well, perhaps not, but less than AUD 30,000 today …)

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