Notes of chord not clearing from keyboard/guitar neck view?

Pictures attached.

I have a few chord progressions in different keys in separate patterns in Part C of Scaler. I also have the scale for one of these progressions selected in Part B, showing all the chords.

The problem I am having is that the keyboard/guitar neck view is not clearing one of these chords, even though this chord is not selected (from what I can tell). This is a problem because I am unable to select other chords and see in either keyboard or guitar view only the notes that form that chord; these notes are always overlaid the notes that are ‘stuck’ from the uncleared chord.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, as surely there is a way to clear the keyboard/neck view so users can visually make out the notes of newly selected chords?

Well, sometimes I’m just too quick to pull the trigger: this was happening because the plugin wasn’t enabled (Reaper seems to ‘freeze’ it in the state before it was disabled). Once the plugin is reenabled, the keyboard/guitar neck refreshes.