Number of chord in a pattern

Hi I wish to know if it is possible to build a single pattern with 9 or more chords. For instance using last two cords with 2 beats instead of 4 beats as previous sevens chords. I usually break a 4 beat chord with Sus2 or sus4 preceding chords but I cannot manage this kind of progression.


The simple answer is no: each pattern has 7 blocks and each block holds a single chord.

However the playback does not have to stop at the end of a pattern of seven blocks. If you drag over more than one pattern you will select them so that the second pattern will follow the first. You can select all seven patterns so that you play through all seven patterns.

Now for the second part of your question

You can change the length of time an individual block plays (e,g, reduce the length from 4 beats to 2 beats) on the EDIT page (see Setting playback timings/durations for more information).

Hope this helps

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