Odd Time Signature

Appreciate your advice if someone can guide me about how to generate 7/8 chords. Thanks in advance

If you want them all to be 7/8. Go to preferences under the gear on the upper right and change Global beats to 7.

Thanks. Do you mean, under PLAYBACK, I need to change the CHORD DURATION to 7 Beats?

Beats glabally are chosen here user preferences -
Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 10.09.21 AM
Timings of individual chords are on the edit page - The 1x uses the Global setting as a base. You can then add to the beats of each pad.

Understood. Could successfully implement this. Thanks a lot for the help. If I keep the global setting of beats as 2 (the default that comes with scaler), I can still achieve it in the chord edit mode by keeping the duration value to x 3.5 which still gives the same result.

Yes. Plus you can switch time signatures during the piece.

Working within a DAW with DAW Sync On you may leave the Scaler playback to any number of beats and use Trigger Keys to change Chords and Patterns. This workflow provides several advantages one of which is being able to start playback from any Bar/Measure in your project. Various DAWs seem to suggest one or another workflow. Scaler offers many possible workflows to integrate it into your thinking. Good luck.