One chord song,

one chord song

Interesting. I’ve been working on some ‘drone’ ideas and one chord songs (for which Scaler is great!) inspired by the song “Pepper” by the Butthole Surfers.

Surprising how engaging they can be.

cannot read your video, bug or something …whatever… original french movie track … hoping you will appreciate it :wink:

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I had forgotten all about this song…great to hear it again. Hope you share some of your one chord Ideas. I think a “What did you do with one Scaler chord today?” would be a very interesting thread.

Hey @pasterna, FWIW, and at least on a Win machine, if you have your DAW other audio host open, I’ve found that the embedded YouTube player is not happy and says things like:

No need to reboot, just close your other app, refresh your browser page and all is usually good.

Oh yeah, thanks for this One chord thread. There is a lot here to unpack and play with in Scaler.