Orchestra, I think, is very complicated, but it can be played with chords

Orchestra, I think, is very complicated, but it can be played with chords.
Now scaler helps us solve the chord problem, so it’s easier and faster for orchestra to complete.
My question is that Orchestra can do it like this. Why don’t ordinary pop songs, rap and dance music have plug-ins like this

The better the software gets, the less we have to press keys, yet the better the music gets. So where is the end goal ? One key press ?
We all want to foster our creativity as a goal, with the computer helping overcome the limitations of our arthritic fingers, but we should be careful what we wish for; too far in technology will negate the very motivation for sitting in front of the keyboard - to create something unique we made.
If I have understood Davide’s goals, this is why Scaler is so different - it doesn’t negate the need for a human to listen, explore, learn and think about the music which comes over their speakers. IMHO Scaler’s primary objective is about facilitation and not creation.

scaler graph


Saving time is very important for people. I have never made movie music. But playing this set of timbres with the chords in the Scaler immediately gained the atmosphere of movie music. awesome. So I was thinking, if they can make some popular songs, dance music, ordinary, the effect will be very good. I am just a fan. I am not professional. But I like to do these things. This is a good start

I agree with yorkeman
This program, Orquestra Complete is very good. I was about to buy it, but Opus Orchestrator appeared, and everything is not reached.
From Scaler, or by playing the chords live, you generate music that sounds good with these programs, simply by applying the chords on the presets. They are not creative programs as such, but they open a path of ideas in the imagination of each one of us. If we simply played the chords over the established presets, in the end, even if it sounded good, we would all play and compose the same thing. The grace and creativity is in making your own presets, starting from 0 or from a program preset, modifying it to your liking (that’s what I’m doing now in Orchestrator). Let’s say it’s like when we go creating chord progressions in Scaler to use when that moment of inspiration comes along. Orchestrator has some wonderful presets, but I adapt them, :smile: :smile:


That is a very good question, I guess you are asking why are there no analogue, phrase based libraries. Well in actual fact the team behind scaler has made an instrument like this but it has been put aside for now. We are talking with some major library developers but working too hard on Scaler to have it finished. Will happen but not for a bit.
PS I love Orchestra Complete


Great! thanks~~

I’m not a professional musician, but I’m eager to express my emotions with music, especially with the short videos now. I want to quickly edit a piece of my own music. Although it’s not professional, it’s my own idea.
I don’t have much time to edit because I want to record my ideas quickly.
Now I use scaler, then ezkey, then bass and drum
A song to do for a long time, I have no inspiration, music accompaniment has not been completed.
I hope that one day scaler can help me finish the song quickly
However, it has saved a lot of time to find chords through scaler

Combining key switches driving Scaler’s cord progression pad with 3 different scales/progressions with LFO modulated Bitwig xy-instruments, triggering 6 different TOC and one from Elysion instrument.


My small contribution to the discussion: Scaler-based chords with Spitfire BBC Orchestra, On the Path of Glory. Scaler is amazing for all styles!