Outputting just MIDI notes, not sound is possible, right?

Please help me understand the workflow…

I have a pattern playing in Scaler2 instrument (it’s C section) and I want to output just notes, not sounds, but the notes are outputted only together with sounds, I want just MIDI notes and putting playback sound to off doesn’t help - then it doesn’t output anything.

Funny thing is I’m pretty sure I achieved this somehow in the past, but now I just don’t see how I did it. The solution here is not to drag and drop midi, I want Scaler2 to feed MIDI notes to whatever VST instrument I load. I’m using Bitwig.

Thank you!

Turning the sound to off in Scaler does not stop MIDI at all. I set it to off almost exclusively. You could set the audio output of the Scaler track to none instead of Master. I do that sometimes as well. I use Bitwig and have no problems setting audio to off. Are you using Scaler VST3

Turns out something quirky is happening with Amplitube VST3 (btw, using it for the first time). It will play only if Scaler or some other VST plays before it. So yes, turning off sound in Scaler does not make MIDI notes stop, but I can’t feed them directly to Amplitube, it has to be either that Scaler is playing its own insturments or there is some other VST or native synth between Scaler and Amplitube… tf is this… :)) Need to examine situation a bit more…

Sounds like you have Scaler on the Same track as Amplitube? Try Scaler on its own track, route the MIDI from that to the instrument track you want the notes to go. Make sure monitor is set to on on the instrument track.

Tried that, still not working. It seems that I’m not properly using Amplitube somehow. It’s weird that it’s not listed in Bitwig instruments but in Bitwig effects?! Seems like I really have to dig a bit deeper, I was just thinking Amplitube is proper instruments, but it seems it’s not. I don’t get it, doesn’t matter, thanks! It’s only that I would like to hear experiences and tips from anyone using Amplitube with Scaler2 properly.

As far as I know Amplitube is just an effect not an instrument. It makes no sound itself. You need to run a guitar or guitar sample instrument or keyboard into it for it to output sound. I have NI Guitar Rig which is similar and I have Scaler sent chords to NI Electric Guitar and run the audio from that into the Guitar Rig for distortion, etc.
But I don’t have Amplitube so if it has guitar sounds excuse me for making a mistake.

I’m not sure you talk about Amplitube, not Amplitude? You made me confused right now :)) I really do think Amplitube has it’s own sounds.

It definitely must have something to do with Amplitude.
Because I have been using Bitwig and Scaler together successfully for 2 years, in exactly the fashion you describe…on the same Bitwig track, first Scaler, selecting no Scaler instrument (no sound), and just have Scaler MIDI output routed on same track into a sound making VST (been working with dozens of different ones).

Side fact, even when Scaler is set to play an internal instrument, when MIDI chaining Scaler on same track into another sound making plugin, Scaler plays no sound (its probably a Bitwig thing), so I only ever deactivate the Scaller internal instrument/sound to save CPU.

Hey Hey Hey :), you talk about Amplitude or Amplitube?

Reading this Amplitube talks about FX pedals and Cabinets. All the guitar gear you need. I see nothing about it being a guitar.

I miss typed Amplitube. The OP clearly wrote Amplitube. I corrected my mistake.

I’ve got this somewhere. It doesn’t make any noise. I use Line6 stuff (I also have the hardware PodXT Pro) so I never got into the IK products, other than Sample Tank for their Resonator Guitar.

Well, if Amplitube is an instrument (and not an effect) you should use Scaler as an Midi Effect to trigger Amplitube. I´m not on Windows but Mac and I got two different versions of scaler to use it as a midi fx instead of an instrument.

There it is right here - it shows up as an effect not an instrument. Because it’s an effect. Needs a guitar sound playing into it to output sound. Try feeding Scaler into an instrument first,

I think you just need to use the right type of scaler VST.
I.e. the one that opens as a midi unit, not the audio unit. It depends on your DAW. Each DAW has a different way to connect each type of scaler to a track.