Pad view: bind sections all stuck flashing green

Hello all.
Can anyone help me with the green key-switch lights all flashing green in pad view? I can’t click to turn any of them off and therefore unable to set the proper key-switches.

Thanks in advance,.

You must have all patterns selected. Did you lasso all of the patterns?
One Pattern selected -

All Patterns Selected -

Right click on Pattern and choose Unselect All -
Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 1.14.01 PM


Thank you Jamieh, for taking the time to respond.
Yes, that’s fixed the issue. Thanks!
I thought it was something like that and intuitively I clicked on the pattern rows to see if they could be deselected, but when I couldn’t see that option - because I must have clicked in-between the rows, not on a row title - I thought the problem was elsewhere.
Thanks again!