Pad View Question, Re Highlight Playing Chord

Re: Pad View, Chord Highlight

In Pad View, when more than one Pattern is selected and Bound, the Chords are not highlighted in the Pad View when played via the Bound Gray keys. All chords play correctly, but the chord being played is not highlighted. (Notes for the chord are shown on the keyboard, etc. No problems there.)

If I we use the Green Keyswitch keys to change patterns, then chords highlight when playing, but, then all then Keyswitch keys for the patterns are bound to same notes.

Recording MIDI Key Switches to Change Patterns, does work, but adds a layer of complexity. I find it more creative and natural to Bind multiple Patterns to create parts in my DAW projects taking chords from patterns in Pad View.

This is not a major issue, but, if possible, having chords highlighted in Pad View when Multiple Patterns are selected would be helpful.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey @1stInversion

it sounds like something we can have a look at.

Thanks for reporting

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You’re welcome. Thanks for having a look.

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