Pattern Play-Key Not Available

I have a pattern created, but I can’t play it using the trianglar “Play” button (which shows up as a flashing blue play/pause button); I can only play it by hitting Play in Logic. Is this normal? If so, it seems like a bad way to implement this feature, as the only way to hear the pattern alone is to solo the track Scaler is on.

Apologies for the basic question, but certain aspects of the way Scaler works have baffled me for a while and I’ve determined to try and learn it better anyhow.

Hi @Atom_Heart_Father

Have you seen the new Scaler course?

Even though I have been using Scaler for over a year I am learning alot on this course.

No, I had not seen that, thanks. Is it significantly different than the tutorials on YouTube? I find they are somewhat useful but not as useful as I hoped.

You must have right clicked on it. Right click again to return it to normal.

I’ve been using scaler since version 1 and I find the course quite helpful. There are things you just don’t know or you forget because you don’t use them all the time. Well worth having and going through for sure.