Performance setting only playing triads?

I’m relatively new to Scaler and loving it! However, there’s something going on that I don’t understand: I’m working with chords trying variations on a major chord (maj7, maj9). They sound correct by themselves, but if I enable the Performance > Adgietto setting it seems then that Scaler’s only playing triads: 1-3-5, but nothing higher up the scale (7ths, 9ths). Is that by design?

For example, if I’m using an Fmaj7 (F-A-C-E), the chord sounds and displays correctly on the Scaler keyboard, but play the chord in Performance mode and the arpeggios are only playing F-A-C, but no E.

Am I missing a setting? How do I get Scaler to play the full chord with Performance enabled? Thanks.

Scaler 2.2.0 VST 3
REAPER v6.25/x64
Windows 10 Home v2004

After some investigation it appears that it has to do with Voice Grouping. “Dynamic” seems to limit playback to a simple triad, while “Open Voicing” plays the full chord including major 7ths.

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Hi @XilburQost

you are correct, the calculations to re-voice the chord or adapt it into an expression are two separate layers. Some transformations have to fall back to a more basic chord form to calculate the correct notes.

Depending on the combination you might have cases where one feature “limits” the other, for example, if the chord and the expression are using extensions.

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