By way of perspective on Scaler Mrs Yorkeman and I had our first post lockdown lunch at a local eatery (Pizzas, Fish and Chips and so on). here’s what we had, cut from the menu

  • Soup of the day
    Freshly made soup of the day made with estate produce, served with warm seven seeded sourdough £9.50

  • Fish and Chips
    Day boat catch in our homemade gluten-free cider batter served with skin on chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce and lemon £19.50

  • Chocolate fudge cake
    Pump Street chocolate, English cherries and Earl Grey £9.50

So I paid (when it was on promotion) less than £30 for Scaler 2 (now £50) and £77 for a fish and chips lunch.

As a group we can probably have whatever developments and additions we crave in the product, but realistically probably not when it costs much less than an English lunchtime snack.

Fans of ‘agile’ software development (there’s a misnomer if ever I heard one) may well be familiar with DSDM (Dynamic system Development Method) whose central tenet is the application of MoSCoW, which enforces prioritisation on changes. Diametrically opposed to most methods, it fixed a delivery time (read new release time) by forcing end users to make choices about what they as a group want.

Is that concept applicable here, does anyone think ? Could Davide work to some form of list on which people voted, as an adjunct to those developments they were committed to as strategic developments ?
Solo un pensiero (I’m brushing up on my Italian for the ‘performances’ :grin:

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certainly a “pensiero, allegro con moto”

Google translate says “thinking, cheerful with motorcycle”
Huh ?? :confused:

I used typical Italian music terms…
Something that Google Translate cannot cope with

Wow those menu items remind me of sitting is some South West Country dock beguiling the afternoon away! Mushy Peas yes! Mrs Carbone would be horrendously jealous. Congrats on your freedom!
Now in terms of MoSCow I like it indeed, I don’t think we are there yet and it counters one of my favourite quotes from Henry Ford which actually wasn’t a quote from him at all ‘If I had of asked my customers what they wanted they would have asked for a faster horse drawn cart’
Comunque, grazie per il pensiero!