Phase issues in Scaler Audio

I’m getting a phase/echo feedback type sound when playing audio on a track that has an instance of ScalerAudio2 on it. Scaler detects the sound but won’t detect any chords. It’s happening in Logic and Ableton Live. If a bypass the plugin, audio is normal. Does anyone have any idea’s about what’s causing this issue?

Hi @JJStyles Scaler Audio is only really intended to detect audio on an audio channel. In order to process this it runs through the internal Scaler audio engine which is why you are hearing a decay (due to the audio loop to detect). I’d suggest you grab the detection and then remove Scaler from the audio track and work with scaler as an instrument or midi FX (in Logic). You should be getting detection, make sure you hit the record button to start the detection and move the threshold to ensure it’s well below the audio level you see on the display. hope that helps.

Thanks Davide. That’s how I use it. Just wasn’t sure about the playback quality as I couldn’t hear any distortion in the instructional videos you did on the topic. The quality of detection is very hit and miss. Sometimes Scaler gets the chords right but I’ve found a lot of the time, particularly with guitars, the results are way off. It’s not just a Scaler issue. I’ve had similar mixed results with Melodyne’s polyphonic algorithms, for example. Scaler is such a great tool it would be awesome if the audio detection functionality was improved as that just opens up so much potential.

Agreed JJ. We have much better audio detection in Scaler EQ so we are ready to begin integrating that into Scaler. We have Scaler 2.9 set for Q1 24 so at this stage we are hopeful of the improvement then.

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