Phrases - common phrases - progression

Can anyone help?

I do not understand what effect “Phrases/Common Phares/Progressions” is having on a progression in the C Section, or even when you would use this function.?


is a set of melodic phrases that you can use in Scaler over your selected chord progression. These phrases include a harmonic element. I believe that the phrases will take the chord in a block in Section C as the root.

Each phrase consists of a progression that is based on the chord in the block that is being played and is 16 beats in length. So for example if your first chord is C maj the first phrase is a progression of I-V-vi-IV based on C (i.e. it is based on a progression of C-G-A-F).

If you then have a second block with an F chord then the phrase becomes F-C-D-Bb. And the full 8 bar phrase is C-G-A-F-F-C-D-Bb.

I think you may find it helpful to set your default chord duration to 16 beats and then try playing back the phrases over a short pattern of 4 blocks.

As to

the answer depends on your approach to composing.

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Hi ed66,

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I am away to play about with your suggestions, and try to get my head around when I would use this feature.

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I did create a short tutorial on using patterns (Introduction to Using Playback Performances to Give Interesting Melodies) and some links have been added to it which be of interest to you.

Hope this helps