Phrases in Scale mode only play the first chord

I just downloaded Scaler 2. I’ve been playing around with the phrases section in scale mode as opposed to chord mode. After a little while it only plays the first chord in your set no matter which one you select. I restarted the plugin and it worked again. But then after more use it gets stuck on that first chord. Has anyone else noticed this?
I’m using Windows 10 and running Scaler 2.5 in Ableton live 11.

Wellcome Mitch
It is useful that when you make a query you define as much as possible what operating system you are on, what DAW you are using, etc., so that the colleagues in the forum can try to help
I also suggest that you click on the search, in case the topic you are asking about has already been resolved at another time

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Thanks. I’m using Windows 10 and running Scaler 2.5 in Ableton live 11.
I did try searching for a similar question but didn’t see anything.

So I guess it’s a problem assigning outputs from Scaler to your VSTi
I leave a screenshot in case it can help.
I assume that before my return, at night, some other colleague will have helped more. I’m sorry if this doesn’t work for you

Hi @mitch

Could I clarify how you ar etriggering Scaler: have you bound Scaler pattern to midi, and are you triggering it from a keyboard, or using midi clips?

Also could you upload a screenshot of Scaler for information, please? It may help diagnose the issue.

Hi @mitch

If you are using the scale mode, the phrase will only trigger notes from the currently selected scale no matter which chord you are playing.

The phrase pattern will play the same notes over and over, so it might sound like it’s only the first chord playing.
It could be a normal behavior, it’s hard to say from your description. A short video would help if you can record your screen and show us how it behaves.

Thanks all for your help. Yes I understand when I’m in scale mode it will only play the notes from the scale but the chord played was identical as well when I played different chords. I was triggering the chords by playing notes on my keyboard in the bound section. It seems to have resolved itself though after a reboot. I’ve been playing around with it, looking for an example but all good so far. I’ll post back here if it happens again and include a video.

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