Piano Colors

I noticed in David’s Youtube video that it used the Native Piano Colors program. Do others have experiences with it? Seems interesting.

Superb library. One of my favorite alt piano/sound design libraries.

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I decided to buy it. :smiley:

How does it compare to Noire or the other NI Piano libraries?

It sounds quite different then Noire although it uses a similar overtone animation engine for movement/sequences. It is more prepared piano with aleatoric features. Both Noire and Piano Colors are great to have. Can even work together doing different things.

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incredibly great program when combining Scaleri Although only soon I got to test so the first impression is better than I could have expected. Insanely great sounds and gives you whole new ideas all the time.

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I just discovered another piano library (libraries) that may bump Piano Colors aside for a while for me. SKYBOX AUDIO has a great set, all of which are interesting. The 2 sets I like are the Prepared and the Chimes. The Arp in them are outstanding. Check them out - they are all on sale.

I find the products from NATIVE Instruments are always great.
The NI session bassist prime-bass that came out recently is also great