Play chord then arp?

Hi is there a way to have the chord play first then the arpeggio pattern from teh chord just played?

Select Arpeggio under Articulations. Then enable - disable Perform

To build on JJ’s note…

If you want to have it play automatically you will need to create a pattern with at least 2 instances of the chord you want. Drag a couple chords down into section C to build a pattern

Click the Edit button to the left of the pattern…not expand the Playback Performances section using the + on the right. If you have 2 chords in your pattern you will see the image below (more or less)

Each chord is associated with the group below it (A) and the group setting controls what performance that chord is going to play. If there is nothing in mode, the chord plays as a chord. The GLOBAL group is what ever you have your current perform settings set to in Scaler the next group you can create is GLOBAL1 then Global 2, etc.

If you click on the blue Group GLOBAL at the top of the column below your 2nd chord (B), you can set the group to GLOBAL 1 and you set the mode to Arppegio

Now hit play and you will get your chord followed by your arp pattern.


Here is what it would look like with 3 chords


I think you misunderstood. I either hear a chord or an arp. I want the chord to play then the arp after holding keys.

Thanks this method works. but nothing in realtime?

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You can set 2 instances of Scaler with identical patterns, but one outputs chords and the other outputs arps, then you set them in sync

This is realtime. Not sure why you would need anything else. This way you decide (in realtime) when the arp plays. 1 beat 2 beats, etc. How would you do it?

I was thinking it would do so as I play the keyboard not just midi playback but this will work.

When you say “Play the keyboard” are you meaning using the chord pads triggered from MIDI or using the Keys Lock?

play a midi keyboard to trigger the chords

This is always fun. :slight_smile:

@xtremsounds If you load two instances of Scaler as @ClaudioPorcellana suggested and arm them both for record, you can have both sounds play simultaneously.

In the case of a chord and a Perform mode, you will get what sounds like THEN effect but you are really triggering an AND as both instances are triggering at the same instant you hit a key and the performance (ARP in your case) will play as long as you hold the key down.

There is really no way to combine performance modes in a sequential manner that respond to an individual key press in a single instance of Scaler. (that I know of)

Hope this helps.


Assign Midi CC to different performances? (arp On / Arp off)