Play melodies with right hand like Auto Theory

Would like to be able to play melodies with my right hand that lock to the chords I’m playing the same way auto theory let you. I would buy pay for scaler again if you can add this feature.


We do have scale lock which locks all keys to the currently selected scale and we are introducing melody lock in Scaler 2 which will lock keys to the currently played chord. We are also looking at way to make this a little less restrictive than the three notes of a triad for example. I think you will love what we are planning. Stay tuned.


AutoTheory does do this quite well with a 3 of options for how you can configure it.

Depending on the selected option you can play notes of the chord using the C Major scale giving you a common format for all scales and keys and also givng you access to non-scale degrees with the black notes which is useful for passing notes.

Worth checking out for research and comparison purposes. Instachord also does this well but in a different manner.

Hi @soundtemple. We are indeed expanding Scale lock to incorporate Melody lock and other forms of right hand locked performing. Stay tuned and thanks for feedback.