Playback delay when using external clock

I have run into an issue with Scaler 2 (2.8.1) and Ableton (11.3.13) when using an external device as the master clock.

When using an external clock source into Ableton (beat step pro) and Scaler 2 synced to DAW playback of the scaler chord pattern is delayed by 1 beat and starts on the 2nd beat. If Ableton is set as the master clock playback of the scaler pattern will start on beat 1 as expected. Other vst’s don’t suffer from this issue.

Any ideas ?

I’m having this exact issue as well! I’m using Live 11 and the newest Scaler version with my hardware. At first I thought it was a latency issue with Ableton, but no other plugins are having this issue and Scaler stays in sync no matter what tempo. Always on the first downbeat.