Playback Timings expressed in musical time divisions linked to Default Duration setting

I like how the current version of Scaler works right now, but would like to suggest this
Re: Playback Timing

From the Scaler 2.5 OM

The amount of time each chord will be playing. This is a multiplication of the DEFAULT
PLAYBACK DURATION located in the side panel

I’d like Duration expressed in musical values automatically calculated based on Default Duration and recalculated if Default Duration is changed.

I like and I can work with with the current system but it would be easier and feel more creative to think in terms of musical time values.

I’d like Duration subdivisions to, as least, the 32nd note triplet regardless of the Default Duration Setting and a possible multiplier function for chords longer than 16 beats.

Tuplet durations would be great 5-7-10

I have no idea what kind of programming this would take but I think users from total beginners to advanced would love working like this.

Thanks for reading.

Agreed, will happen in the future @1stInversion

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Same thing. I can better think of lengths as notes.

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I do like the current system since “self adjusts” to longer or shorter Default Duration for the basic chord. I think being able to pick duration in musical time units would be the more natural way for musicians of any level of experience to creatively interact with Scaler. I’m glad to hear its in the Features of the Future Files :slight_smile: