Playing any scale over any scale live

Can I play a different scale mode over the one I’m actually playing? For instance, can I hear the F harmonic minor scale while my fingers play the F major scale? Is there any setting for this?

I’m aware that you can currently play any scale using the Key Lock feature within the key of C. However, what if I wish to lock the scale into a different key other than C?

You mean like as when ‘playing outside’ ? This is common in a variety of genres, using techniques such as ‘side slipping’ and so on.

No, just imagine for example playing the F major scale with your fingers, but you actually are hearing the F minor harmonic scale being played instead (or any other scale that you want to hear instead)

If you select an F min scale, set Keys Lock ON and select Scale Notes Mapped from the drop down then if you play an F maj scale you will actually output the notes from the F minor Scale. This applies to any scale you select in Section B (see the KEYS LOCK Options in Scaler 2.6 tutorial for more information).


Wow, thank you so much. Life saver!