Playing arpeggios in time (switching chords smoothly etc)

Hi, I’m not really a newbie to Scaler 2 (I’ve had it since it came out) but have never managed to figure out how to do more than create nice chord sequences. In particular playing arpeggios has always been very hit or miss.
When you’ve got a sequence of chords, and you choose an arpeggio to play them, how do you ensure a smooth transition from chord to chord. No matter what I do I get lots of ugly clashes when one chord sounds too early (or late), even playing to the click track. I;m not the world’s greatest pianist, but outside of the arpeggiator I keep very good time and rarely have to edit or quantize recorded performances. I see a few options in Prefs (chord duration, quantize to, perform mode, etc). How do people set these to make the process a bit smoother. Many thanks!

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