Please expanded the Circle of Fifth's Wheel to include chord extensions

Dear Scaler Developers,

The addition of the Circle of Fifths wheel has really sped up the selection of choosing chords, however, it would be so great if you would also include chord extensions into the wheel, i.e., adding 5ths, b5ths, #5ths, 6th, 7th, 9ths, b9th, #9th, etc. - similar to Toontrack’s EZKeys chord selector. I love everything about Scaler 2 but I really do get bogged down in the selection of chords extensions in its current form.

Just a thought. Thanks for your time.

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Hi and welcome @scotsmanAZ I like the suggestion. Perhaps we could offer even more versatility there, we could almost port over the ‘extract and apply chord voicing’ from the section C right click menu…Hmm I’ll discuss internally thanks again for feedback.

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Thanks Davide. Scaler 2 is such a powerful and creative tool, by itself, that adding an expanded chord and extensions (wheel - or similar) would greatly enhance the creator’s workflow expediency.