Please help me understand note differences

This may not be the correct place to ask about the following but here goes.

I am playing around with MuseScore and exporting the MIDI as .mid file and dropping that into Cubase 12.0.4 and Studio One 5.5.2 on to instrument tracks and in to Scaler 2.6 and comparing the Score views.
I start in MuseScore and enter the following whole notes: A C D C A G F E
I used an Alto Flute and it sounds correct in MuseScore as expected.

I exported as a .mid file.

Then in both Cubase and Studio one, I created instrument tracks with HALion SOnic SE and loaded a flute preset. I drag and drop the .mid file to the instrument track and play and it sounds the same as in MuseScore.
I added Scaler and drag and drop that .mid file and it analyzes as: E G A G C B A G
As an A Minor scale

When I look at the Score views in Cubase ans Studio One the notes are: E G A G C B A G

I am not sure if Scaler or Cubase/Studio One are interpreting the .mid file correctly or if MuseScore is exporting incorrect notes. Would an Alto Flute be interpreted differently than a Piano for example and/or the notes would be transposed?
The notes sound the same in Cubase and Studio One as they do in MuseScore even though they are displayed differently.

Hi @sv3

I am slightly confused:

but the first score in your post shows the notes A,C,D,C,F,E,D,C.

Using these notes I created a score in Musecore and exported it to midi. I the imported the midi into Ableton Live 11 and the midi clip imported correctly. I then opened Scaler 2.6 and dragged the mdi clip fro,m my desktop into Scaler. It detected the mdid notes correctly.

As you can see Scaler suggested that the scales for harmonising this phrase could be either A minor, D minor, F major, C major, etc.

So on my configuration on Windows 10 Musscore appears to have exported the midi correctly and Scaler detected the notes correctly.

Hi @ed66
I’m also on Windows 10. I just found out that it is related to “Concert Pitch”. Since Alto Flute is a transposing instrument depending if concert pitch is enabled or not, I can see the change in MuseScore 3.6.2 and now I see how this works. When I exported the original midi, it exports the sounding pitch so I was confused. I just started messing around with MuseScore a month ago so have a lot to learn. I’m looking forward to their version 4 beta which is supposed to be out any day. I find it easier to write melodies in the score and export the .mid and bring that into Scaler and work from there.
Thanks for you reply!

Silly me didn’t think of that in Musescore.