Please improve Scaler 2 with a much bigger Chord Display, Sheet Music, Alternate Chord Names

Hello, it would be really nice, if Scaler 2 could fit the need of musicians who want to see Chords
a) more clearly (=from further away), by increasing the size of the Chord Display in general. [+Also showing the alternate Chord Names as Option!]
b) on a sheet music! For me, this would be so great as a teaching/learning tool, to see the notes on a piano sheet, together with a really big, really well readable Chord-Display.
Here’s an example picture which will speak more than 1000 words :slight_smile: Just compare the clearly visible current-chord-detection Display with the tiny tiny tiny Display of Scaler 2.
It would be awesome, if Scaler 2 would have such an optional view. A) permanently integrated into the full-size Scaler2 interface, or B) As an optional, more clearly focused “Show live chord” Mode, which shrinks the Scaler2 plugin size to these fundamental functions:

It would also be great if Alternate Chord namings could be shown/seen! Not just the single naming variant we get now.
Thanks a lot for considering this :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @nowiamone and thanks for feedback!

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I second this suggestion. Even though I cannot even read notes in formal notation, but I would love to learn it and am quite often overwhelmed with looking at a whole note sheet at once. So embedding a single chord display in sheet music notation in Scaler would be a great way to become familiar with the formal notation of chords that I have become familiar with now, thanks to Scaler :slight_smile: