Please make the Color of the selected Notes per Chord editable

Its a horror to see, what Notes in a chord are currently selected because they are all in that light grey. I often change notes in chords during playback to hear the changes in context. And in that case i have to do that blind, cause i cant see, what notes are β€œon” in a chord. (velocity works better cause there the notes are in red)


I totally agree. I am at times on a 14 inch screen laptop and find it hard to differentiate the gray tints in a sunny room. Would help a lot if the user could attribute his/her color tint to the piano keys being played/recorded. This would definitely attenuate my frustration in dealing with software which does not consider my colour blindness issues. Thanks a bunch.

I agree that there is an issue with the skins. IMHO there should be some skins that take visually impaired users into consideration: high contrast between backgrounds and foregrounds, and even a simple skin editor would be good.

Agreed, color selection would be nice.

Thanks for all the feedback here. To be transparent this part of Scaler will be redundant later this year.

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