Plug in does not produce and sound

on Ableton i put synth plug ins in front and scaler 2 does not produce any sound when putting in chords within the software, why is this not straight forward?

Two ways to address this. To demonstrate, I’ve loaded Scaler 2 into track 1 and Arturia’s Piano v2 into track 2


Now to hear just Scaler’s internal sounds the track setting should be like so
sclaer audio

Make sure the track audio is set to ‘master’ and track two monitor is set to off. Set Scaler off on a progression and you should should hear the audio.

Normally you would route route Scaler midi to a synth. To do this, first , switch the internal sounds off in scaler , and set the tracks thusly.

Note that the “MIDI from” must show Scaler 2 in both drop downs. The monitor should be set to “in” . Now setting off a progression in Scaler will play the synth - see audi displayed.

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