Polyphonie or playing two chords at the same time

I discovered lately that an app that I use allows me to trigger multiple chords at once. It would be great if Scaler in PAD view could do it too. Playing single bass notes could be realized by defining a chord as a Monad. Dyads or double stops as guitarists call them would be great too. The limits would be your imagination I think.

Additional help would be the possibility to assign a row of pads to individual MIDI channels.
Hope that the request makes it into a future update since I prefer to play chords and basslines myself instead of relying on a MIDI sequence.

Dyads have been requested before, as has a midi channel ‘per string’. The Scaler folk say that there will be a lot of guitar focussed stuff coming, and so (going by their updates so far) I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

“Monad refers, in cosmogony, to the Supreme Being, divinity or the totality of all things.”
That would be some update! Scaler as Supreme Being, the totality of all things musical.

Yes, I requested it myself. But since I play Suggester polyphonically I hardly use Scaler anymore. This is sad since Scaler has more potential.

Yes, Monads would make it great for analyzing chords. Beginning with the detection and spelling of bass notes. I would like to play single notes and chords at the same time and experiment with different scales within in Chord Pad mode. That´s why I asked for polyphony and separate MIDI channels if need be.