Possible bug performance mode

I don´t know for sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour.
My preferred workflow in scaler 2 to is to bind some chords ,play them with my left hand and improvise a melody with my right (scale white keys).
However when perform mode is enabled, all held down notes(right hand) get stopped when the chord is changed.
This also results in sometimes cut of notes when the melody notes are played slightly before the chord notes, which is a bit of a improvisation killer :frowning:
Maybe this can be fixed(if a bug).

best regards

scaler 2.1.1 64 bit
plattform: windows 10
DAW: cockos reaper

Hi @Soaschas

thanks for reporting, we will have a look.

I’ve noticed the same thing. This happens when the chord is held at lengths. I found that once I’ve recorded the main chords, in the midi edit window shorten the chords length, mute them then play the melody. Hope this helps :blush: