Possible translation in Italian of the Manual

by chance I am a professional translator and maybe I can help with this task

I am not specialized in music but in medicine
nevertheless I have a huge experience in translating apps and software strings, so I think that With a Little Help From Davide I can do that

as far as it’s worthy, i.e. there are Italian musicians interested
and as far as I can squeeze it in my jobs (i.e. the deadline is long :grinning:)

in case you like it, I need possibly a format file different from PDF
a MS Word, or some other kind of file we can agree on

let me know

I don’t speak Italian, but it might be nice to start on those sections that need the most help being understood, since it is such a long task.

I calculated there are about 8000 words

anyway I don’t know what sections need the most help being understood, because to me they are almost all :joy:

I’ve never read the manual… I just use the videos…
but, honestly, not ALL of the videos…

I can’t stand the “no talking” videos, so those I delete!

I can’t stand any video talking in English because I understand written English quite well, but spoken English is totally another story

this is why I still love books and written stuff

Ah, then you understand. Why have a non-talking video. A non-talking video should be simply text and graphics.

There is a way to take these “non-talking” videos and “dump” them to individual frames. And then it is just a matter of reusing that frame.

Of course, if you “dump” you will have a lot of frames that are duplicates and transition frames that you don’t need. Another option is to screen capture just what you want to capture by pausing the video.

You take a graphics program and grab the text background color and delete all of the text and it is gone. Then you replace it with Italian, and it will probably be a very good manual.

I could also probably do a little programming and “dump” these for you if you really want me to do so.

A non-talking video should be simply text and graphics.

yes, this is better, but nowadays most tutorial are video and talking, so almost useless to me

and most Italian videos I found are a waste of time being long rigmaroles with few concepts diluted in a lot of time

not mentioning they almost always explain how to do a kind of music I don’t like

That’s a big plus +1… for sure and one of my pet peeves!

I guess I didn’t finish my sentence… sorry!

A non-talking video should be simply text and graphics… it shouldn’t even be a video… just text and graphics.

yes, you are right
unfortunately too many videos are just text and graphics stuffed in a video

Thanks Claudio. I will discuss with Plugin Boutique and if it as an option I will come back to you. Grazie per l’offerta

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di nulla :grinning:

Only the file format is important to avoid wasting time with rogue tags and false line breaks