Praise for the Groups feature

The new Groups feature is a total knockout. I’m consistently impressed with the powerful nexus of technology and musical mindedness embodied in Scaler. Well eff’in done developers and advanced users!


what’s that?

I don’t know and I’m not telling anyone about it. :wink:

the cryptic disease seems flooding…

Sorry, the Groups are in the Performances. It’s an amazing feature added with the last update.

With Groups we have different Performances assigned to individual chords. So, for example, the Verse chords play Trance Bass 1 and the Chorus chords play Trance Bass 2. Of course there’s much more possible than that, but that’s the gist of it. Individual performances per chord.

Don’t tell anyone about this. :slight_smile:

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As a new user, I have just discovered this Groups feature. Absolutely amazing! I can see me using Scaler a lot…

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anyway, I didn’t notice this new feature
I’ll check it

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When you edit a chord in a progression, you can assign a group(n) instead of global. Subsequently, you can reuse the group(n) on another chord as a virtual template so that you do not have to edit each property of the chord. It is a shorthand way to apply the same characteristics to other chords in the progression. It is very handy when you want to repeat a performance, melody, arpeggio or rhythm on another chord.

Thank you for feedback! And yes I love the group feature and new nav features. They make scaler more fun and less ‘in the way’ for me. See here for groups feature for anyone wanting to know a bit more about them:


I’ll look it
I am becoming accustomed to videos…
I find only video to learn