Probably the pettiest request ever....rename Scaler

EDIT - thanks to @Yokerman’s nudge, it is apparent that this is not really an issue anymore (or ever really was)

Admin can you delete…system would not allow me delete privs

OK, so not exactly rename Scaler, but any chance of shifting to Roman numerals or (maybe a v prefix on the numerical suffix) for purposes of identifying the version?

I get it that it will take up a few more characters and when we get to version XLIII people might have lost count, however, the way Studio One (and maybe others) numbers things (and displays them) creates a bit of confusion when managing instruments that use an Arabic number suffix. With most VSTs this is not a big issue since you probably don’t often use a lot of the same one, however due to S1’s midi effect limitations, I use many Scaler tracks to drive all kinds of instruments so the issue does become a bit of a…shall we say, headache.

My work around was renaming the VST 2.4 .dll file and it would carry over into the UI. However, VST3s don’t seem to respond the same way (at least with S1 and Scaler) and who knows how long 2.4 will be with us.

Again, probably the pettiest request ever, but hey, some times it’s the little things.~~ :slight_smile:

As always dev team, thanks for your efforts!

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I’ve just been on my exercise bike, and so my brain is possibly addled, but I’m not sure if I’m clear what the driver is for this request? I’m guessing it’s because you have tracks labelled scaler 1, scaler 2, scaler 3 etc ?

I sometimes have multiple Synapse DUNE’s in a track, but the version number does not have a space between it and the vst name i.e. DUNE3, so it can be made clear which is which.

Might a question arise with point releases ? Having an update to Scaler XII.V.VII is not as nimble as it might be :neutral_face:

I do use more than one scaler, but tend to use “a”, “b” etc or other text to differentiate them in Live in the track header.
However, I might have missed the actual reason …

Thanks Yokerman and no your brain is working fine. In all fairness, I should have recreated the scenario that was causing an issue before my petty request. :slight_smile:

It was an issue a long while ago and considering I had a work around, I did not think much of it. Now, when I try to reproduce it in the current S1 version (probably 3 versions later), I can’t.

So either, a) PreSonus modified their naming structure to include()s, b) I’m more familiar now with looking at multiple Scaler instances, or c) my brain is addled.

Like so many other things these days, I’m blaming it on Covid and going with c.

I humbly withdraw my request.

I think a Roman numeral scheme in Scaler’s version numbers would be very harmonic with the Italian phrase and performance names :wink:

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Of course…the moment I try to delete it. :slight_smile:

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I take advantage to add request to have videos and manuals in Italian
but I’m afraid that @davide will translate them rather in Latin or thirteenth-century Italian…

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