Quantize bass line created in scaler 2

hi, I have two questions hopefully somebody can answer.

  1. I’m using scaler 2 to help me carve out basslines in logic, and I noticed when I change the quantization to 1/1 those sweet bass lines only hit that first note, of course and any other notes disapear (of course the reappear if i chance the quant to off or further up, usually around 1/8 the notes come back. This only happens with scaler created midi, other samples, midi keep all the notes. My understanding of quantization is very limited so it could be that one/one is not a common/good choice? I understand its hitting the first notes but why not the rest? Should I not have to change the quantization for the bass? I use it for guitar as that’s the primary instrument and then build from there but Im spending an embarrassing amount of time switching between quantizations.

Somewhat not related to scaler but I can’t find any definitive ways to find out what the quantization should be for each song. Is there an easy method or do I need to head to school/get better ears?

  1. When i have the notes detected It allows me to choose my key and pick from options under the perform section. When I choose any thing in songs or artists the key changes often to something wildly different. Is there a way to change it back and still use the structure of notes and key determined in detect?

I hope those questions made sense!

I’m somewhat new and have watched some tutorials which have been very helpful but Id really appreciate any feedback. Esp on quantitization because I feel somewhat stuck on this.