Question about dynamic chord changes based on degrees

I would like to have the ability to choose a master scale key and automatically change all the chords in the pads. For example say I have a section in pad of chordsets, for an intro, verse, chorus and break. If I want to go from a major key to minor, and automatically populate by degrees. For example a 1 5 4 6 progression. If I do this now, it doesnt work it doesnt understand degrees. Or the key is wrong.

This would be really important if I want to create a master template, for generating ideas of songs or trying one key over another by changing a master key, on demand. A dymamic master key change if you will. I am doing something wrong is scaler already able to do this and if so please make a video about a dynamic master key changes.

I am new to scaler and I am trying now making music dynamically, so I thought to post a question.

By the way I think scaler is amazing, and with dynamic features it will be the future of making music, the way The arps, phrases and melodies work together is amazing.

Thank you.

Hi @Addictedtodisco and welcome to the forum.

The specific feature you are describing doesn’t necessarily exist at this stage though there is a workaround that will give you this kind of functionality.

I have made a quick video for you to see it in action.

What you want to do is create a new command mapping to switch to a specific scale, you can create as many of these as you might need. Once you have created command mappings to swap between your desired scales you can then bind section C to your midi controller to play back the various chords of the scale degrees. This gives you the ability to trigger the chords with you controller while switching the scales with your command mappings.

Check the video out to see it in action. I think this should help you achieve what you are after.

Thanks for the response, that’s real handy.

What I’m really trying to achieve is to automatically change key of a complete song or arranged chordsets in pad via a master scale change. That way I can hear the difference of say a major or minor or tweak a couple phrases in other instancesof scaler, change tempo and make a variation of a song dynamically, easily.

Another question, say I am performing live with a Cmajor, a minor, fmajor and g major, and I want to trigger triads, how do I map one chord set to c2, another to c3, c4 and the last gmajor toc5 on a midi controller piano. They all map to c2 currently. C1 or c6 would be assigned to play c4 melody in a selected triggered chord scale . Is that possible?

I should rephrase the question, I would like to map any scale to a specific midi controller octave, and have the ability to have 4 chords sets, c1 c2 c3 c4 at once with one or two octaves allocated c5 or c6 for melodies, in harmony with the selected four scales.