Question about MPE Synth!

Hello, Scaler works great with Logic X Pro, but when I want to use it with “Roli Lightpad” Equator synth (MPE), then chords are not working in Scaler V1.8.1. They are getting chord sound out, but I can’t use any of MPE tricks there. It also applies in scale lock mode on single notes. Is there any way to make it work?
Thank You in advance!

And also other bug is it makes stuck notes playing with MPE instruments.
For example Equator and Native Instruments Kontakt 6

Hi @Lazurits

There is no support for MPE in Scaler at the moment.
Thanks for reporting your issue, we will have a look at the stuck notes.


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Thank You for Your reply! MPE support would belifesaver for many of us. I think MPE will become more and more popular in future. Also there is MIDI 2.0 coming up with the support of MPE. So this is thing to keep in mind :slight_smile:

It would be great if Scaler supported MPE with its own internal sounds. But I’m just happy that I can use Scaler with the synths that do support MPE. Using Bitwig and Analog Lab.

Can’t wait for 2.0!

I don’t need Scaler as internal MPE , but I would be happy if Scaler would work with other MPE synths, because I use Roli Rise with Equator MPE synth. But Scaler don’t have MPE gestures available… I hope to see it in update!

Sorry if I misunderstood your question. I’m using Scaler with a few different synths and MPE works fine. But it did take some work to get my Joue controller working properly with Bitwig.

Interesting, because in Logic X Pro there is no support for MPE expressions for MPE synths.
Maybe someone can explain if it is possible, how to enable them. It would be lifesaver for me.
This is reason why I am more using Instachord, because it supports MPE gestures, glides, slides, etc.