Question on new 1.2 feature "Humanize"

Hi Guys,

My Demo period has run out but curious how has the Velocity “Humanize” feature been implemented in 1.2. Is there selectable controls for the randomization or is it just built into playback?

I cannot find any screenshots or vids on it yet.

Also is this Humanization recorded when you elect to render it inside your DAW?

Hi @MiR,

The humanize feature is a randomization that you can enable/disable from the preferences. There are no specific controls but it follows the velocity at which you play when used in “bind mode” with a MIDI controller. The range of randomization is smaller if you play with a low velocity and bigger when you play with a higher velocity.

The humanization is active when played internally and when you export the MIDI outside of Scaler.

Here is a screenshot of the new settings popup:

Very cool. Thanks for your reply