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Within Scaler, it is possible to add a note or adjust notes in a chord and save that as a chord for progression mode? Right now it seems like you can’t add or adjust notes to a chord within Scaler. Would this be included in the Chord editing feature that has been mentioned?

Is it possible to take one of the suggested chords, and then add that to ‘detect’ area to get further variations for that new chord? Right now it seems like you have copy the midi out, and then play it back into scaler while in detect mode?

Is it possible to get an ‘undo’ function? In the chord progression area I accidentally dragged and dropped a chord over another chord, and then I couldn’t get the lost chord back, had no idea what it was.


Hi @STj,

  1. For the moment, there is no way to edit the notes in a chord, this is a feature coming in 1.3.
    In the meantime, to get a custom voicing, you can play the chord as you want it in detect mode then drag it to your progression:
  • Start a detection and reproduce the chord on your keyboard with the added/removed notes.
  • Drag the chord to your DAW edit the MIDI and re-detect it.
  • If you feel like diving into the technical side of things, you can even edit the XML file of your chord sets and customize the voicings. The format is detailed here: User chord-sets improvements in 1.2.
  1. The fastest way to re-detect without exporting the MIDI is to add the chord to the progression builder and save as a chord set. When you save, Scaler selects your chord set and runs a detection automatically. If you pick a scale that contains your chord you can then navigate to the chord variations. This will also be improved in 1.3 with new ways to find chord variations.

  2. We are planning to add an undo function in 1.3 too with the progression builder becoming even more central to the workflow.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date to communicate at this stage.
We are working hard to deliver a lot of new features, we have had some really cool ideas and great feedback from the community.


Thank you very much for the info. Looking forward to 1.3

Good morning

Not sure if if am posting this in the right place,howver I am un able to remove single chord. I can only clear all. I am on a MAC Sierra 10.12.2 using Studio One 3 3.5.6 version and Pro Tools version both programs will not allow me to remove single chords.

Any Ideas?

Hi @reelplat

Try to re-download the latest version from Plugin Boutique and check if it is still happening.

I have done this twice with no luck.

Can you see the popup menu with the “Remove” button when you right-click on a chord or is the right-click not working at all ?

Yes I can see the right click popup menu but it does not remove the chord

I just download and installed for the 3rd time still not working