Random Chords Generator


what would be niice is an random chords generator
got this “idea” when i saw that part in the vers 2 video where i could se the 8x8 page
select scale
select complexity
push random
boom 8-64 different chords from this scale come up
to edit rearange further or perform
(inspired from an iOS app named ChordPolyPad didnt saw any vst that could be so fast to get the first inspiration done like that app but its still an app on an external device)
select chord or chords to rerandomize or edit them manually
put on single chords strum
select all and transposing them to an different root
that would be a niice feature for an starting point and always have fast, some kind of different chords


This is a great idea. :point_up_2:t5:


I guess more than random generator it should be some kind of disciplined generator e.g. depending on the genre of music, mood, tensions, etc.

It’s an interesting discussion but I personally have never found a use for a random generator. It’s a genuine rather than condescending question but is it that hard to click around a series of boxes in Scaler to find a sequence of chords that sounds best? I always feel this is a better way than having a series of random chords (now matter how relevant we make an algorithm) a better method. Where I think this would work best is in the modulation chord preset where we are playing with various methods of how to get from your current scale to your destination scale. Something we are aiming to implement in Scaler 2.


sry for late response :frowning:

i think for that there are the genre librarys :slight_smile:
my idea is more “random” :slight_smile:

yeah i know what you mean
but for the speed process the random function with some kind of complexity slider
is in workflow purpose really fast (like with that chordpolypad thing app)
and is also a good starting point where with the other great scaler function we could go deeper into the composing stuff

the idea is just fast flow
think about beatmakers (not the hardcore composer editers sound designers i can work looong on 1 thing pros) where they want to be fast in creating the fundamental idea:
open scaler
go to “random thing”
choose scale
choose complexity
click random
boom 64 “different” chords, in different inversion, in different complexities
now bang some pads and listen which combos sounds great (could drag them into the other sections of scaler to work deeper or direct recording in that mode)
bang 1 pad, sounds niice but want it different edit function inverse chord up or down add note (contained in scale or “not”) or select some pads rerandomize it with maybe different complexity
record further (or edit further)
sounds niice but want to listen how sounds in other scale
transpose root up or down
boom bang some pads (record in ooooor sry for repeat edit them deeper)
(and imagine if some of that complexity sliders and scale choosers are midimapable the mouse would hang out in the dust)

was just thinkin for fast workflow to bang fast ideas down where beatmakers could benefit and (thrust me) would love scaler much more than they do allready (even in that time where there are many many point and click producers on yt)

was just an idea and i could understand if this concept wouldnt fit into scaler but as an vst there isnt really an “fast” plugin to work out ideas fast
and with that concept some producers would also start learning more about music theory if they start dig deeper into the world of scaler (and boom with scaler 2.0 muuuch deeper) but also can work out fast ideas if it should go fast bc 5 beats a day isnt enought XD


Thanks man, good feedback and I get it, it is something that would require some thought to ensure it works well and sounds good. I feel this is more a Scaler 2.5 thing but I will discuss it with the team and plan to get it on the roadmap.


Heres one that would maybe even make it cooler. What about random sequencing of the chords in section C?

I’m not completely sure where entirely random gets you, but probability based on typical genre sequences might he useful. Many genres have pretty standard patters; it can go beyond I->V->vi->IV by allowing for choices at each transition, but within genre.

As long as we have a good starter library and a simple way to audition, it doesn’t seem a priority to me

to clarify, the random mode would select random chords from a pattern we have loaded and play them back. also a random arp mode would be good too .

True random while it can be mildly interesting I’ve found it mostly produces unmusical things. Chance on there other hand can be quite nice. I prefer chance with parameters that can be used, say min and max values.

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Funny you should mention the iOS app ChordPolypad, which I actually link back to Scaler via iConnect MIDI device (from iPad to PC), and then record the random chords from ChordPolyPad into Scaler :wink:

“but is it that hard to click around a series of boxes in Scaler to find a sequence of chords that sounds best?”

I think clicking round is surely a key point for Scaler … you start get an idea how that Am7b5#9(13) will sound in relation to your progression before you even click it… I never learnt anything from Jammer or Captain Chords.