Really dumb Scaler iPad question

I’m an Android person (phones, tablet) but I do have an old iPad which I just recovered from amongst the VHS recorder, Tascam multitrack, DCC recorder (remember those ? DCC was to DAT as Betamax was to VHS…) and other now defunct equipment in the attic, and amazingly when I plugged the charger in it burst into life.

“Settings” tells me it’s IOS 9.3.5 … I am going be running the pad Scaler on it, or waiting with @jjfagot for Androt (pun on ‘Godot’ , geddit?)

I think the problem here is that iOS 11 became 64 bit so I would imagine that is the minimum. Maybe Mrs Yorkeman gets Greggs breakfast for a few weeks whilst you save up some pennies for a new iPad Air?