Reason 12 does it work

Does this work as a vst and can it be used in Reason 12

Welcome @robint Yes it works fine in Reason just be aware that Reason does not allow midi pass through, it will one day so you can either drag your midi across or use something like bluecat to host and pass midi through. Check out YouTube plenty of stuff on there.

Be good to for Scalar to inform customers up front about this limitation. Blackcat costs $99 and you need some techie skill to get it to work (if it does). As always its not what is said and hyped, but the important info that is withheld and you find out after you have parted with your money. Its a very common problem
But to be fair I will give it a trial with drag and drop and report back for others benefit I hope. If it does work as claimed then it could be a good tool

On Mac, Scaler works as an AU plugin for Garageband and Logic Pro as MIDI FX plugin to control virtual instruments.

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What you failed to mention is that Waveform is a trial clickbait FREEBIE and it costs $250+ extras? Yet another DAW with no street cred AFAIK and another waste of time. The registration proc was very repetitive, suspicious and tedious I nearly gave up.
Why this serious omission of an important fact

Hi @robint This is not a limitation of Scaler, it’s a limitation of Reason and affects all MIDI plugins. I suggest you contact Reason Studios and submit a request for them to implement midi pass through. I still use Scaler within Reason 12 without issue and without Bluecat. Also we mention this clearly on the Scaler product page on Plugin Boutique:

Reason (No MIDI Routing: Use Blue Cat Audio Patchwork for MIDI Routing)

Wow, I’ve heard of synth snobbery but I didn’t know DAW snobbery was a thing.
The only reason (no pun intended) I gave Waveform a try was because of it’s built in chord progression, bass and melody functions and it’s free enough (as in fully functional) after creating an account.
I’ve always liked chord proggression tools. I even own (regrettably) a Kordbot hardware tool.
Now all my chord progression needs are catered for with Scaler.

Hi Davide
Got a demo vst Blue Cat Synths loaded and followed a poor quality Vid Review | Blue Cat's Patchwork | Using Scaler, Captain, Instachord inside Reason, Maschine, Akai 2.0 - YouTube, yet another ego trip presenter show the kids how smart he is, far out laid back and outta sight - you know the type, when it comes to hook up whizz the mouse cursor around the screen so like a magician you cant see how he did the trick. Still I played the vid in slow motion and eventually got the Scaler VST to play another VST - as useful as a chocolate tea pot - stick to drag and drop.
BTW I did find a Scalar Vid or pdf way back that showed some config using a pre- input set up but Ive lost it and cant seem to find it. Will this help at all or just the SOS.
However to be completly fair Scaler 2 does its job as a Music Theory tool and clearly has a well researched background to it. It can function as a tool to design chords and progressions which can drag and drop to a R12 Seq inst track and then play than R12 instrument. Its not much faff. I can live with it, but I am not getting the full dynamic benefits from Scalar as demoed in your vids. RS aka Props seems intent on deprecating its fan base. IMHO you dont insult your paying customers with outmoded protectionism and expect to stay in business against the big DAW boys. The private Reason Forum has become semi moribund so isnt much use - doesnt that speak volumes. I might mess with Reaper to see if I can get better use from Scalar but I am not a techie, I want to make music FFS.
Bottom line is Scalar 2 9/10**** as Music Theory Tool - unbeatable value.

You may want to check out this description on ReasonTalk forum, which worked very well for me (although I‘m still waiting for Reason being able to handle MIDI FX): Kushview Element - free open source VST3 to VST2 bridge for Reason - Page 3 -